Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Shame Jay Wilson, for Shame!

I'm guessing most of you have at least read the apology letter that Jay Wilson wrote on the battlenet blog. If not here's the link. 

Personally, I was quite appalled to hear about the entire matter. Not to mention I actually had to go to Kotaku itself to get the news (The Horrors! I had to go Kotaku!). I guess the main reason why I was so disturbed by the whole matter was that he was actually slagging the original creator of the Diablo series? The one person who actually helped create the franchise that gave him his current career.

Not only that, in the hearts of everybody who works in the Game industry, is the soul of a gamer. We're all the same people. Sure we might be competitive about what we make, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating the games themselves. I was part of the team that made AC: Revelations. That didn't stop me from gushing about Gears of War and Batman Arkham Asylum to the other guys in the studios as well even though they were competing games.

Dave Brevik just gave his honest opinion about Diablo 3 himself and I honestly felt that it was a very fair opinion. He had a different ideal about how the game was suppose to have been made and there are certainly some parts of Diablo 3 that I won't mind changing as well. (Unlike a certain 'impartial' writer I know). Jay wilson has certainly over-reacted over the matter.

Dear Mr. Wilson, I'm sorry but I think that you have done more damage to the entire Diablo franchise than what Nathan Grayson has done. There is certainly some history behind the entire diablo series. Why else would have so many of the original team left after Diablo 2 to make Hellgate: London, or any of the other hack and slash games out there? It's still not nice to hang your dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

While I certainly appreciate your apology and the fact that it was done so quickly as well since you have realize the folly of your mistake, the esteem that I held you with has dropped a little. It does make me wonder whether the Blizzard of today has still kept it's heart from the days when it was still known the small company 'Silicon and Synapse'.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nathan Grayson's ineptitude...

I'm pretty sure everybody has at least gotten the warning from Blizzard about the Battlenet being hacked. If anything, it does at least show that Blizzard is actually pretty on the ball with regards to their security. within 5 days an announcement was made, measures were taken. Furthermore unlike Sony, at least they did not save important credit card/account info in plaintext form. Blizzard has released a FAQ as well with regards to questions regarding the hacking of their servers. I feel that this at least shows that they are pretty open with regards to this attempted account theft.

However... Rock Paper Shotgun's Nathan Grayson actually disagrees otherwise....

Look dude, if anything we know about the whole problem with the always online deal. We get it already, but seriously, do you really need to take out that tired old soapbox to stand on everytime Blizzard does something wrong? Where were your comments when Steam got hacked?

Clearly there are risks involved in a always connected network system. Perhaps if instead of writing extremely biased and flawed reviews you could perhaps read up a bit on security measures being taken in today's Information technology industry? I can't even believe that the BBC actually quoted your article in theirs when it's pretty damn clear that you've got an axe to grind.

Biased, terribly Biased. Really, I have no idea how you actually got a contributor position in the various gaming magazines, Online or in Print. If it wasn't for the fact that Rock Paper Shotgun features cool indie games sometimes I would have long removed it from my RSS feed. Truly an inept writer that does not deserve to even do reviews on games.